Surrogate (Gestational Carrier)


Capital Surrogacy is looking for qualified surrogates to join their agency. To be a surrogate is a life-altering experience that can greatly benefit the lives of two families – your own and that of the intended parents. It takes a compassionate, selfless, and trustworthy woman to be a surrogate. It also takes someone who gets great satisfaction from giving the precious gift of a baby to another family.

You might be asking yourself if surrogacy is right for you. The decision to help others build their family is significant. If you had easy pregnancies or simply loved being pregnant, this is a great quality to possess. If your family is complete but you miss the joy pregnancy brings, this could be a perfect journey for you. There is also a generous financial benefit that encourages women to take part in surrogacy. You can give to others while financially taking care of your own family. Paying off debts, setting up a college fund for your children, staying at home to care for your children, or perhaps providing a down payment on a new home are some of the many reasons the compensation is a great incentive.

You are the only one who truly knows if surrogacy is right for you. It is extremely rewarding and can be an exciting and fulfilling opportunity. As you are probably aware, with great reward usually comes great sacrifice. Surrogates dedicate their time and emotional energy to the pregnancy and get just as much, if not more, in return.

Our requirements for surrogacy include:

  • Female between the ages of 21 and 42
  • A history of at least one full-term, healthy, and uncomplicated pregnancy
  • Have had no more than 2 c-sections
  • Parenting own child/children (has custody of child)
  • No criminal history (for both you and others residing in the same household)
  • Health insurance with maternity coverage is desirable but not required
  • U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident
  • Stable family income – not on any government financial assistance (healthcare, food stamps, financial aid)
  • Have reliable transportation and be willing to travel
  • Must be a non-smoker, no use of tobacco or marijuana
  • No history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Strong support system
  • As it is a demanding journey, a stable foundation in life
  • Have a BMI no higher than 32 (calculate BMI here)
  • Loves being pregnant and has the desire to give the miracle of life!

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